10 Teasers for Knock Knock

Clint Hassell brings you the first 10 hints and teasers for the fourth episode of Doctor Who Series 10.

  • 1. It’s smaller on the inside.
  • 2. The episode is very musical. It starts with a violin, ends with a piano, and has some bass in the middle.
  • 3. For those interested, it’s “Sonata for solo violin No. 1 in G minor,” by Bach.
  • 4. So, she’s gonna be more like later Amy/Rory and Clara, and less like Rose, Martha, and Donna.
  • 5. The Doctor helping Bill move is my favorite visual gag thus far, in Series 10.
  • 6. For those keeping score: we can check the requisite “Time Lord” conversation off our to-do list of new companion firsts.
  • 7. Mark my words: Bill will meet Thirteen.
  • 8. We meet Bill’s grandfather.
  • 9. Bill shows her new place to her mom.
  • 10. Harriet Jones!