10 More Teasers for The Doctor Falls

Clint Hassell brings you another 10 hints and teasers for the twelfth episode of Doctor Who Series 10.

  • 10. “Jelly Baby?”
  • 9. “What is that, engine oil?”  “No, it’s an actual tear . . . and it shouldn’t be.”
  • 8. “Where there’s tears, there’s hope.”
  • 7. Some important background:  The Waltons was an American television series that ran for nine seasons, starting in 1972.  The series was about the titular Waltons, an impoverished family living in rural Virginia, and their struggles during the Great Depression (1929-1941).  Later seasons dealt with World War II and its effect on American Life, as each of the four Walton boys enlisted in the military.  The Waltons had very little money, often subsisting on small-scale farming, hunting, and part-time work at a lumber mill.  As such, the Walton children are often barefoot, walking everywhere in overalls and hand-sewn dresses.  Known for being overly-sentimental, major themes of the show included the importance of family during adverse times, and of being kind and hospitable to both neighbors and strangers.
  • 6. “The Doctor Falls” contains arguably the lewdest joke in Who’s canon.
  • 5. Some important background:  In the Biblical book of Genesis, which outlines God’s creation of the Universe and then mankind, God gives the first humans, Adam and Eve, free reign over the paradisiacal Garden of Eden, but forbids them from eating the fruit of a specific tree.  Both succumb to temptation and eat this fruit, and are cast out of the paradise for their disobedience.  Though the type of fruit is unspecified in the Bible, in modern representations, it is often portrayed as an apple, thus linking an apple with temptation in much the same way as Greek myths utilize a pomegranate.
  • 4. We find out what is “all [Missy’s] ever wanted.”
  • 3. Some important background:  In Walt Disney’s 1953 film,  Peter Pan, eternally boyish Peter Pan tells the group of children that he is leading that Never Land is the “second star to the right, straight on ‘til morning.”
  • 2. Favorite line, in context:  “Uh, hey, um, well, you know how I’m usually all about women an-and kinda people my own age? . . . Glad you knew that.”
  • 1. I won’t spoil anything, but I will tease that we see a bit more of Twelve’s regeneration.  It directly copies a previous Doctor’s, and then references two others.