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Series 9

Danny’s Future Beyond Series 8

Samuel Anderson is unsure if Danny will be back for Series 9. Continue reading

Capaldi Unclear on Series 9 Return

"You have to watch and see.” Continue reading

Capaldi Signed Up For Doctor Who Series 9?

Report claims Capaldi will be back for another full series next year. Continue reading

No 10th Anniversary Special For New Who?

Steven Moffat says nothing is planned, but he might be lying. Continue reading

Moffat: Big Plans For Future Online Episodes

"Why not do an online episode that’s ten minutes? Or one that’s half an hour?" Continue reading

Moffat Teases Massive Series 9 Cliffhanger

"Ohh, I don’t think you’ll see this coming!" Continue reading

Uninterrupted Runs for Series 8 and beyond

Steven Moffat reaffirms uninterrupted runs for Series 8 and beyond. Continue reading

Peter Jackson Directed Episode Under Discussion

The Hobbit director hopeful for New Zealand set Doctor Who story. Continue reading

Gaiman would “Love to do more Doctor Who”

Plus why he could never be the next showrunner. Continue reading