The Whoniverse Has Officially Launched

The BBC has officially launched the Whoniverse today.

As previously reported, the Whoniverse is no longer just the fan name for all things Doctor Who. It has become the official title, along with the swanky ident you can see above.

The BBC iPlayer hub is now live, featuring over 800 episodes of Doctor Who from the classic era all the way to the revival. And all the spin-off shows are there too!

Perhaps the best treat of all though (so far) is Tales of the TARDIS which brings back past Doctors and companions for all-new scenes that bridge some classic era stories.

The full list of shows available right now to view are:

  • Doctor Who (1963-1996)
  • Doctor Who (2005–2022)
  • Tales of the TARDIS
  • Doctor Who Confidential
  • K9 & Company: A Girl’s Best Friend
  • Doctor Who: Dreamland
  • Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Torchwood
  • Class
  • Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes
  • The Science of Doctor Who
  • Doctor Who at the Proms
  • Whose Doctor Who

You can check it out here!