Steven Moffat Confirms 2024 Christmas Episode, but “Might never write for Doctor Who again”

Steven Moffat has confirmed that he has written the 2024 Doctor Who Christmas special, entitled “Joy to the World”.

Some may recall this news was actually leaked back in March. This will mark Moffat’s 50th full episode for the revival era.

Speaking to TV Choice, he said: “I should probably introduce the episode from an armchair. [Adopts ‘old man’ voice] ‘Here we are, number 50.’”

However, Moffat says he will not be writing for Series 15 (airing in 2025), and might that this may be his final story: “It is entirely possible that I won’t write Doctor Who again. I don’t know. I mean, after Christmas, I’m not lying. I’m not involved in series [15]. My contribution, in effect, is the Christmas special. I’ve got quite a lot of things that are coming in for me to do, so I might never write Doctor Who again.”

He adds: “What I feel slightly sad about is, even if I do another one, I probably won’t know when I’ve done my last one. I thought I knew how the story ended. I thought I knew how that chapter of my life expired. I thought it ended with Twice Upon A Time [2017] – which I didn’t love. I thought it was OK…”

He expands: “I think [Twice Upon A Time is] soft in the middle. The ending is good. But anyway, I remember thinking, ‘Well, at least I know how it ends.’ And now I don’t. I mean, I’m not against doing another one at all, but I don’t have any tremendous visceral need to do another one. As I got to the end of Boom, and as I got to the end of Joy to the World, I did think, ‘Is that it? Is that the final moment?’ I think they both have quite good final moments for the Doctor. I was thinking, ‘Yeah, that could be goodbye.’

The first of Moffat’s two new episodes, “Boom“, will air this weekend.