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312. The Sound of Drums / 313. Last of the Time Lords

The Sound of Drums & Last of the Timelords



Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister and his reign of terror begins – but that’s only the start of his ambitions, as he announces mankind’s first contact with an alien race, the Toclafane. An audacious plan spanning the whole of time and space begins to close around the Earth.

Earth has been conquered and the Master rules supreme, with the Doctor a helpless prisoner. The entire human race has been reduced to slavery, as the mighty warships of a new Time Lord Empire rise from the ashes. Only Martha Jones can save the world…


Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Colin Teague

The Doctor – David Tennant
Martha Jones – Freema Agyeman
Captain Jack Harkness – John Barrowman
Harold Saxon/The Master – John Simm
Lucy Saxon – Alexandra Moen
Francine Jones – Adjoa Andoh
Clive Jones – Trevor Laird
Leo Jones – Reggie Yates
Tish Jones – Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Sinister Woman – Elize Du Toit
President Winters – Colin Stinton
Vivien Rook – Nichola Mcauliffe
Albert Dumfries – Nicholas Gecks
Sharon Osbourne – Herself
McFly – Themselves
Ann Widdecombe – Herself
BBC Newsreader – Olivia Hill
US Newsreader – Lachele Carl
Chinese Newsreader – Daniel Ming
Thomas Milligan – Tom Ellis
Prof Docherty – Ellie Haddington
Lad – Tom Golding
Woman – Natasha Alexander


The Master:" Do you know, I remember the days when the Doctor- oh, that famous Doctor- was waging a Time War, battling Sea Devils and Axons. He sealed the rift at the Medusa Cascade single-handed. Look at him now, stealing screwdrivers. How did he ever come to this? Oh yeah, me!"

The Master: "Once the Empire is established and there’s a new Gallifrey in the heavens, maybe then it stops. The drumming. The never-ending drumbeat. Ever since I was a child, I looked into the Vortex. That’s when it chose me. The drumming; the call to war. Can’t you hear it? Listen! It’s there now, right now. Tell me you can hear it, Doctor. Tell me."

The Master: "I took Lucy to Utopia. A Time Lord and his human companion. I took her to see the stars. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?"
Lucy Saxon: "Trillions of years into the future, to the end of the universe."
The Master: "Tell him what you saw."
Lucy Saxon: "Dying. Everything dying. The whole of creation was falling apart and I thought there’s no point. No point to anything. Not ever."
The Master: "And it’s all your fault."

The Master: "My masterpiece, Doctor. A living TARDIS, strong enough to hold the paradox in place, allowing the past and the future to collide in infinite majesty."
The Doctor: "But you’re changing history. Not just Earth, the entire universe."
The Master:" I’m a Time Lord. I have that right."
The Doctor: "But even then… why come all this way just to destroy?"
Toclafane Sphere: "We come backwards in time, all to build a brand new empire lasting one hundred trillion years."
The Master: "With me as their master. Time Lord and humans combined. Haven’t you always dreamt of that, Doctor?"

Martha: "I travelled across the world, from the ruins of New York, to the fusion mills of China, right across the radiation pits of Europe and everywhere I went, I saw people just like you living as slaves, but if Martha Jones became a legend, then that’s wrong, because my name isn’t important. There’s someone else. The man who sent me out there, the man who told me to walk the Earth and his name… is the Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never stays, he never asks to be thanked, but I’ve seen him. I know him. I love him, and I know what he can do."

The Doctor: "Weapon after weapon after weapon. All you do is talk and talk and talk, but over all these years and all these disasters, I’ve always had the greatest secret of them all. I know you. Explode those ships; you kill yourself. That’s the one thing you could never do."

The Master: "Dying in your arms. Happy now?"
The Doctor: "You’re not dying, don’t be stupid. It’s only a bullet. Just regenerate."
The Master: "No."
The Doctor: "One little bullet. Come on."
The Master: "I guess you don’t know me so well. I refuse."
The Doctor: "Regenerate! Just regenerate! Please. Please! Just regenerate! Come on!"
The Master: "And spend the rest of my life imprisoned with you?"
The Doctor: "You’ve got to! Come on. It can’t end like this. You and me, all the things we’ve done. Axons, remember the Axons? And the Daleks. We’re the only two left. Everyone else… REGENERATE!"
The Master: "How about that? I win. Will it stop, Doctor? The drumming? Will it stop?"

Captain Jack: "I keep wondering, what about ageing? Cos I can’t die, but I keep getting older. The odd little grey hair, y’know? What happens if I live for a million years?
The Doctor: "I really don’t know."
Captain Jack: "OK, vanity. Sorry. Yeah, can’t help it. Used to be a poster boy when I was a kid, living in the Boeshane Peninsula. Tiny little place. I was the first one ever to be signed up for the Time Agency. They were so proud of me. The Face of Boe, they called me. Huh. I’ll see you."


Gallifrey, appears in this episode in a flashback sequence. This is the first depiction of Gallifrey in the new series.

The Second, Fourth, and Eighth Doctors all enjoyed Jellybabies.

Episode features clips from “Aliens of London”, “Army of Ghosts/Doomsday”, “The Runaway Bride”, “The Lazarus Experiment” and “Utopia”.

Martha’s television is branded Magpie Electricals as seen in "The Idiot’s Lantern".

The Master makes reference to the Sea Devils and the Axons. Enemies the Doctor encountered in the classic series.

The BBC launched two new tie-in website to coincide with these episodes, Vote Saxon and

Zoe Thorne also voiced the Gelth in "The Unquiet Dead".

Music featured – Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders.

Freema Agyeman’s final regular appearance as Martha Jones. She would later appear in series two of Torchwood, before returning to Doctor Who in the fourth series.