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208. The Impossible Planet / 209. The Satan Pit

The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit



Rose finds herself further away from home than ever before, on a desolate world in the orbit of a Black Hole. Trapped with an Earth expedition and the mysterious Ood, the time-travellers face an even greater danger as something ancient beneath the planet’s surface begins to awake.

Rose battles the murderous Ood and the Doctor finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the Black Hole, the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice – but can he save the entire universe from the Beast?


Written by Matt Jones
Directed by James Strong

The Doctor – David Tennant
Rose Tyler – Billie Piper
Mr Jefferson – Danny Webb

Zachary Cross Flane – Shaun Parkes

Toby Zed – Will Thorp

Ida Scott – Claire Rushbrook

Danny Bartock – Ronny Jhutti

Scooti Manista – MyAnna Buring

The Ood – Paul Kasey

Voice of the Beast – Gabriel Woolf

Voice of the Ood – Silas Carson


Ood: “We must feed…”
Ood: “…You. If you are hungry. ”
Ood: “We apologize. Electromagnetics have interfered with our speech systems. ”

Rose: “Do you actually get paid though? Do they give you money?”
Ood: “The Beast and his armies shall rise from the pit to make war against god.”
Rose: ” I’m sorry?”
Ood: “Apologies. I said, “I hope you enjoy your meal.””
Rose: “…Yeah.”

The Beast: “Toby… Don’t turn around.
Toby: “Dan…? That’s not Dan.”
The Beast: “Don’t look at me…”
Toby: “Who are you?”
The Beast: “I have so many names.”
Toby: “If– if I could–”
The Beast: “If you look at me, you will die.”

The Doctor: “And then what?”

Rose: “I dunno… find a planet, get a job, live a life, same as the rest of the universe.”

The Doctor:
“Pfft… I’d have to settle down. In a house or something, a proper house with… with… with… with doors and things. Carpets! Me! Living in a house!

Now that… that is terrifying.”

Ida: “Well… we’ve come this far. There’s no turning back. ”
Doctor: “Oh, did you have to? No turning back? That’s almost as bad as ‘nothing can possible go wrong’ or ‘this is is gonna be the best Christmas Walford’s ever had’ –”

The Doctor: “We’ve found something. It looks like metal. Like some sort of seal. I’ve got a nasty feeling the word might be ‘trapdoor’. Not a good word, ‘trapdoor’. Never met a trapdoor I liked. ”

Zach: “All I’ve got is a bolt gun. With uh…all of one bolt. I could take out a grand total of one Ood. Fat lot of good that is.”

The Doctor: “Where angels fear to tread. Even now, standing on the edge. It’s that feeling you get. Yeah?…Right at the back of your head. That impulse… that strange little impulse… that mad little voice saying “go on… go on… go on… go over, go on…” maybe it’s relying on that. For once in my life… Officer Scott… I’m going to say……retreat.”

The Beast “You know nothing. All of you. So small…The captain, so scared of command…The soldier, haunted by the eyes of his wife… The scientist, still running from daddy…The little boy who lied…The virgin…And the lost girl, so far away from home. The valiant child who will die in battle so very soon.”

Rose: “Not your best angle Danny.

Danny: “Stop it!”
Toby: “Could be worse.”
Rose: “Oi!”

The Doctor: “I believe… I believe I haven’t seen everything, I don’t know… it’s funny, isn’t it? The things you make up – the rules. If that thing had said it came from beyond the universe, I’d believe it, but before the universe… impossible. Doesn’t fit my rule. Still, that’s why I keep travelling. To be proved wrong. Thank you, Ida. ”

The Beast: “I shall never die! The thought of me is forever! In the bleeding hearts of men – in their vanity and obsession and lust. Nothing shall ever destroy me! Nothing!”
Rose: “Go to hell!”

Ida: “You two…who are you?”
The Doctor: “Oh… the stuff of legend.”


This episode features the first ‘proper’ alien planet of the new series.

The scene in part one, where Scooti is falling into the black hole, was one of the most expensive in the series, due to the combination of CGI and underwater filming required.

The underground cave scenes were actually filmed in a quarry in Wales. The classic series was well known for using them to double as alien planets.

Latter scenes where the Doctor confronts the Beast were filmed at Clearwell Caves. The same location used for the Sycorax ship in ‘The Christmas Invasion’.

Part one features no “Next time” trailer.

Ironically part two, The Satan Pit, aired just a few days after the calendar date 06/06/06.

The Satan Pit runs for 47 minutes and 29 seconds. Excluding the Xmas specials, this is the longest episode yet..

On the episode commentary for part two, Russell T. Davies says that they originally planned to use the Slitheen species in place of the Ood.

The space crew represent the “Torchwood Archive”.