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202. Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw



The Doctor and Rose travel back to the year 1879 when an encounter in the Scottish Highlands with Queen Victoria and a band of Warrior Monks reveals a deadly trap, dating back centuries. Perhaps the local legends about a werewolf could really be true.


Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor – David Tennant
Rose Tyler – Billie Piper
Queen Victoria – Pauline Collins
Father Angelo – Ian Hanmore
Lady Isobel – Michelle Duncan
Reynolds – Jamie Sives
The Steward – Ron Donachie
The Host – Tom Smith
Flora – Ruth Milne
Sir Robert – Derek Riddell


Doctor: “1979. Hell of a year! China invades Vietnam… The Muppet Movie! Love that film. Margaret Thatcher… urgh… Skylab falls to Earth… with a little help from me… nearly took off my thumb.”

Rose faux scottish: “Och aye! I’ve been oot and aboot”
The Doctor: “No. Don’t do that”
Rose: “Hoots mon!”
The Doctor: “No really, don’t. Really. ”

Host: “His body… ten miles away… a weakling, heartsick boy. Stolen away at night by the brethren from my cultivation. I carved out his soul and sat in his heart”

Sir Robert: “It’s all my fault. I should have sent you away. I tried to suggest something was wrong… I thought you might notice. Did you think there was nothing strange about my household staff?”
The Doctor: “Well, they were bald, athletic, your wife’s away… I just thought you were happy! ”

The Doctor: “You want weapons, we’re in a library. Books! Best weapons in the world. This room is the greatest arsenal we can have – arm yourself. ”

Rose: “Good job my mum’s not here. She’d be fighting the wolf off with her bare hands for that thing.”
Doctor: “And she’d win.”

Queen Victoria: “Your world is steeped in terror, and blasphemy, and death – and I will not allow it!”

Rose: “So, the Royal Family are werewolves?”
Doctor: “Well… maybe not yet. I mean, a single wolf cell could take… a hundred years to mature… might be ready by… oooh… early 21st century…?”
Rose: “Nah! That’s just ridiculous! Mind you… Princess Anne…!”
Doctor: ” I’ll say no more.


This episode takes place in the year 1879.

We learn the origin of Torchwood in this episode. Queen Victoria creates the institute (named after the estate) to investigate paranormal activity.

David Tennant gets the chance to use his native Scottish accent several times in this episode.

The werewolf in human form sees a wolf in Rose. A reference to The Parting of the Ways.

The Doctor and Rose are both knighted in this episode, becoming Sir Doctor of TARDIS and Dame Rose of the Powell Estate

Following the episode, the Who is Doctor Who? website was again updated. After watching a new message from ‘Mickey’ you are redirected to new tie-in site A hidden game can then be played by clicking observatory, then “Scan for heavenly bodies” and entering the password ‘victoria’.