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Whoniverse Discussion 0

Welcome to Whoniverse discussion. The idea behind this page is give commenters a place to freely discuss the world of Doctor Who and its spin-offs. That generally means things not related to news and feature article content.

Please respect our rules for this section:

  • You can freely discuss anything related to the world of Doctor Who and spin-offs. For example: recommending classic stories to watch, or talking about your favourite piece of music from the show, etc. It is also acceptable to talk about Whoniverse actors and their other non-Whoniverse projects here.
  • This is not a cue to go off-topic and talk about whatever you want, and any such comments will be deleted
  • Be sensible. The same rules apply here as with the rest of Doctor Who TV. Be civil towards each other and don’t write anything stupid or liable to offend
  • Don’t excessively advertise or spam the site
  • Keep comments friendly and simply enjoy the privileges placed before you. Don’t abuse those privileges or your account could be suspended
  • This is a spoiler-free zone! Posting spoilers here is a bannable offence!
  • Discuss fan fiction and fan projects here.