YOUR Verdict On “Rosa”

It’s time to reveal DWTV’s poll results for the third episode of Series 11, as voted for by you over the last week or so.

“Rosa”: Stat Breakdown

As always, we asked you to rate the episode on a scale from 1 to 10. We then took an average.

  • A few thousand of you voted, and the average score was 7.94. According to the Doctor Who TV score guide, this indicates the episode was generally considered to be “Very Good”. “Rosa” now marks the highest score of Series 11 thus far, and a substantial improvement on last week, which saw a dip.
  • This score leaves “Rosa” as the 50th highest rated episode of the revival (according to the DWTV ranking polls taken from earlier in 2018). More specifically, it is situated between “School Reunion”(7.95) and “The Girl Who Waited” (7.91).
  • This would be Chris Chibnall’s best rated Doctor Who episode yet, but due to the fact it was co-written with Malorie Blackman, it would be unfair for him to take all the credit.
  • The standard deviation – which is our measure for how divisive an episode is – was 2.45. For the third time in a row, there was significant divisiveness between voters. While “Rosa” is the highest rated episode of this run, it is also the current most divisive. Series 11 so far has been extremely polarising!
  • If we consider all the episode 3’s in the revival, “Rosa” is now 2nd, and only very narrowly missing out on the top spot occupied by “School Reunion” (7.95).

Series 11 Episode Ranking (So far)

After three episodes, the Series 11 episode ranking looks like this:

  • 1. Rosa – 7.94
  • 2. The Woman Who Fell to Earth – 7.35
  • 3. The Ghost Monument – 6.84
  • X. Arachnids in the UK – TBC
  • X. The Tsuranga Conundrum – TBC
  • X. Demons of the Punjab – TBC
  • X. Episode 7 –  TBC
  • X. Episode 8 – TBC
  • X. Episode 9 – TBC
  • X. Episode 10 – TBC

The strong performance of “Rosa” has pushed up the series average to 7.39.


Join us next week when we examine the results of “Arachnids in the UK”, the fourth episode of Series 11. Until then, keep voting!