Your Verdict on Deep Breath


It’s time to take a look at how you voted in our Deep Breath themed polls last week. First of all we asked you to give the episode a score out of 10:

Each week we’ll be taking these votes and working out the average score. We’ll then use this to rank the episodes and get a rough idea of its placing in the series. To start us off Deep Breath comes in with a final score of 8.282. Will episode 2 be able to knock it off the top spot? We’ll find out next week.

Did the Doctor kill Half-Face?


Secondly we asked you to vote on whether you thought the Doctor killed the Half Face Man, and the voting was appropriately split. In the end, by a small margin, 55.97% said yes the Doctor did indeed do the deed.

The Eleventh Hour vs Deep Breath


Our final poll of the week pitted both of Steven Moffat’s Doctor debuts against each other. This was a fairly easy win for The Eleventh Hour with 61.61% voting for Matt Smith’s opener.