Your Top 20 Davies Era Cliffhangers (20-11)

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll, this time to find out your favourite cliffhanger from the first four series of the revival.

The countdown begins with 20-11. The final 10 will be announced tomorrow.

20. Aliens of London (0.56%)

The Slitheen electrocute the Doctor.

19. Daleks in Manhattan (0.58%)

The Human Dalek is born.

18. The Poison Sky (0.59%)

The Doctor’s hand starts to bubble and the TARDIS is sent off course.

17. The Sontaran Stratagem (0.97%)

The Sontarans use ATMOS to gas the Earth.

16. Rise of the Cybermen (1.79%)

The Cybermen prepare to “delete” the Doctor and companions.

15. Last of the Time Lords (2.94%)

The Titanic crashes into the TARDIS.

14. Human Nature (3.06%)

The Doctor (John Smith) must kill either Joan or Martha.

13. Doomsday (3.44%)

Donna Noble suddenly appears in the TARDIS.

12. Bad Wolf (3.54%)

The Dalek fleet prepare to exterminate earth.

11. The Sound of Drums (4.14%)

The Toclafane conquer Earth while the aged Doctor watches, helpless.

The final 10 coming tomorrow.