Your Top 20 Davies Era Cliffhangers (10-1)

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll, this time to find out your favourite cliffhangers from the first four series of the revival.

The countdown concludes with 10-1. See 20-11 here.

10. The Impossible Planet (4.15%)

“The pit is open, and I am free!”

9. The Parting of the Ways (4.85%)

The Doctor regenerates into his tenth incarnation.

8. The Empty Child (6.03%)

The Empty Child advances on the Doctor and companions.

7. Army of Ghosts (6.55%)

The Cult of Skaro emerge.

6. The End of Time: Part 1 (7.11%)

The Master race is born and the Time Lords return.

5. Silence in the Library (8.07%)

“Donna Noble has left the library…”

4. The End of Time: Part 2 (8.38%)

“GERONIMO!” The severely damaged TARDIS crashes to earth.

3. Turn Left (8.61%)

Bad Wolf Returns.

2. Utopia (11.51%)

The newly regenerated Master steals the TARDIS leaving the Doctor stranded.

1. The Stolen Earth (13.12%)

A Dalek exterminates the Doctor and he begins to regenerate.