Your Top 12 Moffat Era Cliffhangers (So Far)

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll, this time to find out your favourite cliffhanger from Steven Moffat’s era so far (Series 5-6).

Let the countdown begin once more.

12. The Hungry Earth (0.48%)

Amy is about to undergo Silurian surgery as the Doctor finds the underground city.

11. The Beast Below (1.03%)

A Dalek approaches Churchill and the crack in time is revealed.

10. The Rebel Flesh (1.87%)

A ganger of the Doctor emerges from shadows.

9. The Impossible Astronaut (3.58%)

Amy shoots the girl inside an astronaut suit

8. Closing Time (4.04%)

River is placed inside the astronaut suit in Lake Silencio

7. Cold Blood (5.6%)

The Doctor discovers a burnt piece of the TARDIS

6. The Time of Angels (9.82%)

“There’s one thing you never put in a trap…”

5. A Good Man Goes to War (10.33%)

River Song reveals that she is Amy and Rory’s daughter.

4. The Wedding of River Song (12.66%)

“Doctor who?”

3. Day of the Moon (14.73%)

The little girl regenerates in New York City.

2. The Almost People (15.06%)

Ganger Amy is revealed with the real Amy waking up and about to give birth.

1. The Pandorica Opens (20.81%)

Amy is shot, the Doctor is locked in the Pandorica, every star is exploding.