Your Top 10 One-Off Companions

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll this time to find out your favourite one-off companion of the Doctor Who revival. Let the countdown begin once more…

10. The Arwells

From last year’s Christmas special, The Arwell family didn’t do very well at all with just 0.93% of the vote.

9. Abigail Pettigrew

A Christmas Carol’s singing star Abigail came 9th with 1.37% of the overall vote.

8. Kazran Sardick

Just ahead was Abigail’s co-star, Kazran with 2.19% of the vote.

7. Jackson Lake

David Morrissey’s “Next Doctor” was in 7th place with 2.89% of the vote.


6. Sally Sparrow (Other)

“Other” choices made up 4.26% of the vote. In this category you were allowed to choose anyone else you thought qualified for companion status. Receiving the most votes by far was Sally Sparrow from Blink. Others included Canton, Jackie Tyler, Jenny (The Doctor’s Daughter), Reinette and Idris.

5. Astrid Peth

Kylie Minogue’s Astrid from Voyage of the Damned took the 5th spot with 4.32% of the vote.

4. Adelaide Brooke

In 4th, with 5.08% of the vote, was Adelaide from The Waters of Mars.

3. Lady Christina de Souza

Planet of the Dead’s Lady Christina was in third with 8.79% of the vote.

2. Craig Owens

Craig was comfortably in second place with 25.16% of the vote.

1. Wilfred Mott

And winning the poll with a whopping 45.01% of the vote was Wilfred Mott. As you can see, Donna’s lovable grandad had no trouble claiming this one. Well done Wilf!