Your Top 10 Doctor Who Companions

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll to find out your favourite companion of the Doctor Who revival. Let the countdown begin once more…

10. Adam Mitchell

 No one saw this result coming, did they! Adam received a pitiful 0.39% of the vote.

9. Mickey Smith

Mickey didn’t fare much better with just 0.7% of the vote.

8. Martha Jones

Martha is the lowest of the main companions with 3.23% of the vote.

7. Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane came 7th with 8.87% of the vote.

6. Rory Williams

Rory didn’t do quite enough to beat Jack with 9.2% of the vote.

5. Captain Jack

Jack still proves to be a popular character taking 5th place with 10.62%.

4. Rose Tyler

The first companion of the revival earns 4th place with 11.63% of the vote.

3. River Song

River did enough to secure 3rd place with 15.97% of the vote.

2. Amy Pond

Amy was just ahead of River and takes second place with 17.57% of the vote.

1. Donna Noble

And winning the poll fairly comfortably with 21.81% of the vote was Donna.