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Your Scariest Ever Monster (21-11)

For Halloween last week Doctor Who TV asked you to vote for the scariest ever monster. Thousands voted and the results are now in. The countdown begins with 21-11.

21. Silurians

With 0.14% of the overall vote.

20. Saturnynians

With 0.2% of the overall vote.

19. The Gelth

With 0.55% of the overall vote.

18. The Ood

With 0.61% of the overall vote.

17. Autons

With 0.75% of the overall vote.

16. Davros

With 1.3% of the overall vote.

15. Scarecrows

With 1.46% of the overall vote.


14. Clockwork Droids

With 1.55% of the overall vote.

13. Werewolf

With 1.58% of the overall vote.

12. The Master

With 1.67% of the overall vote.

11. Other

Making up a combined 1.77% of the vote.

In the other category, you could vote for anything not listed. Receiving the most here was the Haemovores from 1989’s The Curse of Fenric. There were also votes for the Wire, the Reapers, the Flesh, Sutekh, Zygons, the Ice Warriors and even the Doctor himself.

 Come back tomorrow for the top 10.

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