Your Preferred Series Format is…

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Last week we asked you to vote for which series format under Steven Moffat’s reign you have preferred so far. The results are now in and things were fairly split overall.

3. Series 7 (26%)

Your least preferred format was in fact Series 7. Based on the comments, whilst many of you welcomed the blockbuster-style approach, the long waits and small helping of episodes this year hasn’t gone down quite so well.

2. Series 6 (31%)

Slightly above Series 7 was Series 6. The split format wasn’t terribly well received, but the heavier story arc was generally praised by voters.

1. Series 5 (43%)

And the majority of you still prefer how the series was structured during Steven Moffat’s first year in charge – the same uninterrupted 13-episode run established by Russell T Davies for his first four series.