Your Most Antipicated Series 7 Part 2 Writer

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In Doctor Who TV’s poll last week we asked you to vote for which writer from Series 7: Part 2 you were most anticipating. Thousands of you voted and the results are now in.

5. Stephen Thompson (2.16%)

No doubt due to the muted reception to The Curse of the Black Spot, Thompson placed last. Let’s hope his new story is up to the standard of his work on the incredible Sherlock finale instead.

4. Neil Cross (2.49% )

New Doctor Who writer Neil Cross has everything to prove with his two episodes next year, so it’s unsurprising he was only just ahead of Thompson.

3. Mark Gatiss (6.55%)

Longtime contributor Mark Gatiss returns with two more stories next year. He has had a bit of a mixed run with his episodes so far which explains his placing here.

2. Steven Moffat (28.57%)

A surprising result perhaps, as the lead writer of the show is forced to settle for second place. Moffat wasn’t actually close to first place either receiving just under half the votes of the winner.

1. Neil Gaiman (60.24% )

Winning the poll with a whopping 60% of the votes was Neil Gaiman. The award winning writer of The Doctor’s Wife is truly a force to be reckoned with, but can his new story possibly live up to expectations?