Your Favourite Returning Writer is…

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll, this time to find out your favourite returning writer since the revival. Let the countdown begin once more…

9. Matthew Graham

The man behind the critically panned Fear Her and last year’s better received The Rebel Flesh two-parter was last with just 1% of the overall vote.

8. Stephen Greenhorn

The writer of The Lazarus Experiment and The Doctor’s Daughter didn’t fare much better coming 8th with 2% of the overall vote.

7. Helen Raynor

Raynor’s work on two parters, Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks and The Sontaran Stratagem/ The Poison Sky earned her 7th place with 3% of the vote.

6. Chris Chibnall

Chibnall will be back this year with two more episodes. His previous stories 42 and The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood placed him 6th on the poll with 4% of the vote.

5. Mark Gatiss

Gatiss has been writing since the show came back, but his four stories, The Unquiet Dead, The Idiot’s Lantern, Victory of the Daleks and Night Terrors have earned a mixed response. He came 5th in this poll though with 11% of the vote.

4. Toby Whithouse

The scribe of School Reunion, The Vampires of Venice and last year’s The God Complex came 4th with 16% of the overall vote.

3. Gareth Roberts

Roberts, the writer on this list with the largest amount of episodes to his name (The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Planet of the Dead (co-writer), The Lodger and Closing Time) came third with 19% of the overall vote.

2. Paul Cornell

Cornell’s work on Father’s Day and Human Nature / The Family of Blood was the second most popular choice with 22% of the overall vote.

1. Tom MacRae

It was actually an incredibly close battle between Cornell and MacRae for the top spot. In the end MacRae just edged ahead to take victory with 23% of the vote. Most likely due last year’s excellent story, The Girl Who Waited.