Your Favourite One-Off Writer is…

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s poll, this time to find out your favourite one-off writer from the revival. Let the countdown begin once more…

9. Stephen Thompson

The writer of last year’s The Curse of the Black Spot was lowest ranked with just 0.4% of the overall vote.

8. Keith Temple

Planet of the Ood’s Keith Temple was 8th with 1.38% of the overall vote.

7. James Moran

The man behind The Fires of Pompeii didn’t fare much better with 1.45% of the overall vote.

6. Simon Nye

The writer of Amy’s Choice was 6th with 6.62% of the overall vote.

5. Phil Ford

Co-written with Russell T Davies, Ford’s The Waters of Mars placed 5th with 6.69% of the overall vote.

4. Robert Shearman

Shearman’s excellent work on Dalek was enough for him to take 4th place with 8.83% of the overall vote.

3. Matt Jones

Jones’ two-parter comprising The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit was third with 9.88% of the overall vote.

2. Richard Curtis

Curtis’ Vincent and the Doctor didn’t do enough to win but was the second most popular choice with 12.98% of the overall vote.

1. Neil Gaiman

Yes, the smart money was always going to be on Gaiman. The immense popularity of The Doctor’s Wife shows little sign of waning as Gaiman wins yet another poll with a whopping 51.78% of the overall vote.