Xmas Special for 2013, Series 8 still TBC

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doctor-who-logo-blue-2012The BBC yesterday confirmed that Doctor Who will be broadcast in 3D for the 50th anniversary this Autumn.

Buried in a quote from BBC’s Ben Stephenson was also confirmation that there will be a 2013 Christmas special to follow the 50th Anniversary.

Stephenson said: “There will be lots of aliens and Daleks and things like that – or maybe there won’t. There are many different things to take into account and we will also have a Christmas special after that and it all connects. Or maybe it doesn’t. There’s lots to work out.”

It was always likely that there would be a festive special, regardless of its absence from last month’s poster. But, there’s still no mention of Series 8 in the BBC’s future line-up at all. So it’s safe to assume what has been clear for a while now: there will not be a Series 8 until 2014 at the earliest.

If there were any episodes airing before November 2013 it would have been announced. New fantasy drama series Atlantis will also be occupying the old Merlin slot this Autumn for 13 weeks.

So for clarity, the revised line-up looks like:


  • Series 7 Part 2 – 30 March 2013
  • 50th Anniversary Special 23 November 2013
  • An Adventure in Space and Time (November TBC)
  • 2013 Christmas Special


  • Series 8 (TBC)