Will Rory die one last time?

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Is it possible to “kill” Rory in Doctor Who and take it seriously anymore? It’s a running joke, not just with fans, but also the writers of the show. We even had that cheeky reference in The Wedding of River Song.

At one of the Doctor Who Convention panels, Steven Moffat was up to his usual teasing tricks.

Speaking about what the TARDIS crew had been through, he said:  “They’ve all died, at least once, the most episodes in Rory’s case.”

And then he added: “And you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

So either Moffat is hinting at more fake-out deaths, or perhaps one for real that will take everyone by surprise. He did say he dislikes killing characters though, so more likely it’s the former.

With the Weeping Angels appearing in Rory and Amy’s final story, speculation is rife that the pair will be “killed kindly” by being sent back in time. Perhaps split-up from each other with the Doctor unable to locate them.