Why Series 8 will be the best since the comeback

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Guest contributor Thomas Field gives five reasons.

Peter Capaldi!

peter-capaldi-12th-doctor-whoWhy? Well the most obvious reason that you are all probably simultaneously thinking right now is, simply, the fact that Peter Capaldi is now playing the time traveling madman! Back in August of 2013 when his casting was first announced most of the fanbase were as happy as a Weeping Angel in a power cut, however a small collection of ‘fans’ considered Capaldi too old to play our beloved Time Lord. I, being a perfectly sane human male, loved the choice and immediately began speculating about possible costumes, personality traits, and catchphrases that the new guy might have.

A ‘new’ companion

time-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-(12)jenna clara“What!?” I hear you exclaim, “I thought Clara was continuing into Series 8.” She is, however during the previous series, we didn’t really get to really see Clara as an actual person, more as a major plot device (she did basically provide the premise/ knowledge for the 50th anniversary special, in addition to her ‘Impossible Girl’ status). In the next series, however, it has been hinted that we will see more of Clara’s family and find out more about her past.

Episode/Series length

capaldi-regen-timeDuring the 50th anniversary year, some fans were underwhelmed by the small amount of Doctor Who being released during such an important period of time for the show. However, recent reports have suggested that Series 8 will contain a full-ish run! I say full-ish because of the possibility that the next season (excluding the 2014 Xmas special) is to consist of 12 episodes. The idea of having longer episodes to compensate seems an attractive one. Not only because of the increase of screen time, but also because it will provide space for themes to be explored in greater detail and, more importantly, time for episodes to be slowly concluded rather than rushed. While watching the ending moments of many episodes of Series 7, I have been completely irate because of the fact that the story has be hurriedly forced to close. Hopefully Series 8 will resolve this terrible issue.

New directing talent

Ben-Wheatley-Doctor-Who-Series-8Other than the reports floating around concerning ‘The Hobbit’ director Peter Jackson being involved in an episode, there has been another director-related announcement regarding the show. This of course is the fantastic news that Ben Wheatley, the award-winning talent behind ‘A Field in England’, is to direct the first two episodes of Series 8. Personally, I have seen none of Wheatley’s films, but the fact that the show is attracting this sort of talent is wonderful, and I am extremely excited to see what he can bring to the world of the Doctor.

A clear direction

doctor-who---series-7b_final_gallifreyJudging by comments made by Steven Moffat and other members of the production team, it is clear that the series will not be on the same course. Moffat says the Doctor now has a clear mission statement – to find Gallifrey. This seems very intriguing and, to me at least, makes Series 8 sound all the more exiting. I have often wished that Doctor Who had a more distinct trajectory, and be more serialized and heading to one place, rather than just multiple different stories not really relating in any way to each other. Obviously we do get the series arcs, or multiple series arc in the case of the Matt Smith era, however many episodes just completely ignore the overarching story.

In conclusion

I do strongly believe that Series 8 will be the best series since the relaunch, not only because we should be getting a full run, (no devilish two year split) but also because we will be treated to a brand new doctor, a brand new side of the current companion, and an exciting new course for the show.