Who’s in The Wedding of River Song?

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The cast list for the Series 6 finale, The Wedding of River Song, has been revealed.

Spoilerphobes may wish to stop reading here.

The TARDIS trio are reunited and, of course, joining them again, River Song (Alex Kingston). Also back is (with his head intact) is Dorium (Simon Fisher Becker).

Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber) is, unsurprisingly, returning bringing a Silent or two with her.

Ian McNeice and Simon Callow reprise their roles as Winston Churchill and Charles Dickens, respectively.

Dr Malokeh (Richard Hope), a Silurian first seen in The Hungry Earth two-parter, is back, this time serving Churchill.

Mark Gatiss plays the viking called Gantok (pictured) and Niall Greig Fulton plays another called Gideon Vandaleur.

Interestingly, Carter (Richard Dillane), the captain of the Teselecta from Let’s Kill Hitler, is also returning. Checking on the Doctor most likely.

The list follows:

  • The Doctor – Matt Smith
  • Amy Pond – Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams – Arthur Darvill
  • River Song – Alex Kingston
  • Madame Kovarian – Frances Barber
  • Dorium Maldovar – Simon Fisher-Becker
  • Winston Churchill – Ian McNeice
  • Dr Malokeh – Richard Hope
  • The Silent – Marnix Van Den Broeke
  • Charles Dickens – Simon Callow
  • Woman on television – Sian Williams
  • Himself – Bill Turnbull
  • Herself – Meredith Vieira
  • Gideon Vandaleur – Niall Greig Fulton
  • Barman – Sean Buckley
  • Gantok – Mark Gatiss
  • Dr Kent – Emma Campbell-Jones
  • Nurse – Katharine Burford
  • Carter – Richard Dillane