Who’s in Closing Time?

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The Radio Times has confirmed the cast list for episode 12, Closing Time. There are a couple of surprises which may be considered a spoiler.

River Song and Madame Kovarian are set to return. With this episode leading into the Series 6 finale, it seemed unlikely that there wouldn’t be some sort of connection. But we assume they’ll turn up towards the end.

Full cast:

  • The Doctor – Matt Smith
  • Amy Pond – Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams – Arthur Darvill
  • Craig Owens – James Corden
  • River Song – Alex Kingston
  • Madame Kovarian – Frances Barber
  • Sophie – Daisy Haggard
  • Shona – Seroca Davis
  • Kelly Holli – Dempsey
  • George – Chris Obi
  • Val – Lynda Baron