Who’s A Meddling Monk?

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This post may contain mild spoilers.

Just how many costumes can Matt Smith manage in one series of Doctor Who? A lot by the looks of it.

Filming reports so far for the second half of Series 7 have revealed that the Doctor will be donning a variety of looks. Now, more pics have emerged showing yet another curious addition to his wardrobe…

Now, this seems to fit in with a filming report in October for the Part 2 opener. When the Doctor arrives at Clara’s place he says:

“Clara! Clara! Ha! It’s me. De-monked! I’m wearing sensible clothes! Can I come in?”

Although this doesn’t answer the question of why is he dressed up like a monk in the first place…

Jenna-Louise Coleman was also snapped, although her outfit was a bit more ordinary.

[Thanks to Graceeatsgrapes]