Who Mysteries: The Woman / Angel Origins

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One Doctor Who mystery that has been repeatedly brought up over the past few years has been the identity of the strange woman seen in The End Of Time.

She appeared to Wilfred Mott several times over the course of the Tenth Doctor’s final story. When Wilf finally asks her who she is, she only answers, “I was lost. So very long ago.”

Later, she is spotted standing behind Time Lord President Rassilon (Timothy Dalton) and the Doctor pauses and appears to recognise her. She sheds a tear.

Claire Bloom plays the character and is listed in the credits only as ‘The Woman.’  Months before broadcast, several newspapers claimed she was playing the Doctor’s mother. So is she?

This mystery has somewhat been solved by writer Russell T. Davies, in Doctor Who book The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter. Davies notes: “I like leaving it open, because then you can imagine what you want I think the fans will say it’s Romana. Or even the Rani. Some might say that it’s Susan’s mother, I suppose. But of course it’s meant to be the Doctor’s mother.”

Weeping Angel Origins?

The End of Time also offers a potential origin story for The Weeping Angels. Just two Time Lords are shown to oppose Rassilon’s evil plans. We know one of them is Claire Bloom, as her face is later revealed. The other person remains a mystery.

Of course, the Weeping Angel similarity is obvious – they are both covering their faces with their hands, just like the stone statues.

Rassilon also states, “Only two stand against and will stand as monument to their shame, like the Weeping Angels of old.”

This just seems too deliberate to be a coincidence. Perhaps Steven Moffat will come back to this at one point, or is it destined to remain a point of debate in Doctor Who’s history?