Who Mysteries: The Doctor’s Room

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Cast your mind back to Series 6 episode The God Complex last year. One of the biggest unanswered questions was, what did the Doctor see when he entered room number 11?

The only clues we have are the ominous sound of the TARDIS cloister bell, and the Doctor’s dialogue: “Of course…Who else?”

We never found out what the Doctor witnessed and it’s probably one of those cases best left to the imagination. A popular theory though is that the Doctor’s biggest fear is himself. This has been explored in a few other episodes, most notably Amy’s Choice.

However, Matt Smith has his own ideas: “The thing is we don’t know what we’re supposed to be seeing in there, but trying to be cryptic about it… what I imagined he saw was ten men hanging from ten nooses, but one noose free for an 11th man. So that’s what I thought he saw,” he said.

But what do you think?