Who Mysteries: Jack’s Lost Memories

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When Captain Jack was first introduced back in The Empty Child two-parter, it was revealed that the character had had two years of his memories erased.

To this day, this has never been addressed in either Doctor Who or Torchwood. However, Steven Moffat gave an update in Doctor Who Magazine when asked if he ever intended to follow up.

Moffat explained: “I don’t know. Ask Russell. No, ask me. No, ask Russell. Fact is, I wrote it in on a whim, in The Doctor Dances, just because it fitted the scene, and give Jack bit of mystery. Russell liked it, but worried we’d that be stuck with it. I offered to take it out, and he said yes. And then, no. And then, yes, hang on, no, maybe oh why are you doing this to me, Steven, I’m busy!

“And then Russell left, and I took over, and I figured it would probably be my problem. And then Torchwood came back and I figured it would be Russell’s. So ask Russell. No, ask me…

However Moffat promised resolution with an explanation in the future: “Look, we’ll figure out something some day, I promise…”

Perhaps if Jack returns in Series 7 or the 50th anniversary?