Who is ‘Eye Patch Lady’?

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Just who is this mysterious new character that has cropped up in two episodes of Doctor Who’s sixth series already? A little bit of speculation.

When Amy saw first saw the character credited as “Eye Patch Lady” in Day of the Moon, she appeared to be speaking to someone else: “…No, I think she’s just dreaming.”

Then she featured in another strange scene in The Curse of the Black Spot. Amy had awoken from her sleep and saw the character appear through a hatch on the pirate ship and she said: “It’s fine. You’re doing fine… Just stay calm.”  Then vanished.

First things first, this character, played by actress Frances Barber, is actually called Madame Kovarian according to her online CV.

So why is Amy having visions like this? At this point there’s obviously still many possibilities, but it seems likely that these are fragments of Amy’s memories manifesting themselves.

In Day of the Moon, Amy told the Doctor that she had forgotten some things. Now, it’s heavily suggested the Silence did something to Amy during the “many days” she was kidnapped. They also told her: “You will bring the Silence.” Whatever that means.

Therefore, it’s possible The Silence used Kovarian to conduct tests or monitor Amy during those missing days. Or if Amy is pregnant as it’s been hinted at, then the role of midwife seems likely. The second piece of dialogue does sound like advice being given to a person in labour. The only problem is, the time scale of a natural human pregnancy doesn’t fit and Amy was never visibly showing signs. Unless the whole pregnancy is unnatural…

So, who do you think she is?