Who is 4th Best Sci-Fi Ever

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Doctor Who is the fourth best sci-fi TV show of all time according to a new Top 50 by IGN. The show places ahead of Lost and The X-files but is beaten by The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. Their number one pick is Battlestar Galactica.

Their reason for Doctor Who’s placing:

For us Yanks, Doctor Who was always a chore to get through back in the day. We wanted to watch it, we wanted to like it, as Tom Baker and his long scarf freaked us the freak out on our local PBS station. But it was too off, too weird, too low-budget. And yet, that all changed when writer-producer Russell T. Davies rebooted the show in 2005 (after a 16-year hiatus) with Christopher Eccleston starring as the Ninth Doctor. Finally, we had the titular time traveler in a setting and style that we could appreciate – modernized and yet still very faithful to its origins.

The Top 10:

10. Firefly
9. The Outer Limits
8. The Prisoner
7. Star Trek: The Next Generation
6. Lost
5. The X-Files
4. Doctor Who
3. The Twilight Zone
2. Star Trek
1. Battlestar Galactica