Who are the Night Terrors?

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We haven’t had a great deal of information on Night Terrors, the ninth episode of Doctor Who Series 6. Save to say, it features some rather large dolls and the story revolves around a nervous young boy called George (James Oram) and some strange goings on in his wardrobe.

The current issue of TV Easy Magazine reveals a small titbit. George also has a sister and the reason he is so scared is because her “action figures come to life.”

Daniel Mays and Emma Cunniffe are playing their parents.

The rest of their preview is for the other episodes, but here it is:

“The first place the TARDIS lands is Berlin in the Thirties! There, the Doctor and Amy meet German dictator Adolf Hitler, played by Albert Welling, plus an even more evil enemy…Plus we’re promised David Walliams as a ‘mole-like’ alien and James Corden back as football-mad Craig.”