What’s to Come in 2013, 50th Anniversary

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series-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-(33) Rachael StirlingThe new issue of Doctor Who Magazine contains a few new details on the episodes to come in the year ahead.

First, Saul Metzstein teases the two upcoming stories he has directed. On Mark Gatiss second episode of the run (The Crimson Horror TBC) he says: “It’s very tight, and has its own peculiar particularities. Its own unique flavour. It’s very funny. Terribly creepy.

“It’s from that genre of Doctor Who where the Doctor doesn’t appear till some way into the episode. I’ve been watching some old Doctor Who, and it’s that type of episode. Also, it has a massive flashback in the middle of it, which is unusual for a programme about time-travel! I like its odd structure.”

He has little to say on the finale other than: “It has genuinely scary monsters. Wait and see!”

In addition, the magazine appears to confirm that there will only be one anniversary episode (filming April), alongside the Mark Gatiss docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time (“filming over the next month or two”). There’s no mention of any further series or episodes.

Our revised schedule prediction for 2013:

  • April 2013 – Series 7 Part 2
  • November 2013 – An Adventure in Space and Time
  • 23 November 2013 – 50th Anniversary Special
  • 25 December 2013 – Christmas Special

Presumably with Series 8 to follow in 2014.