What’s next for River in 2013?

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Guest contributor Liam Duke speculates on what’s coming up next for River Song.

“When one’s in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve year old, one does one’s best to hide the damage.”

Even though Amy and Rory are gone (and I’m still not over it) there is still another Pond out there in the form of Melody, otherwise known as River Song. In my opinion, Series 6 slightly damaged her character, but Alex Kingston still made her a joy to watch. I was nervous about her return in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ but she was fantastic; mature and sensible, just like she was in her first story. The Q&A session last month revealed River would return once more in 2013 and I’m very excited to see her again. However, what is next for her and her future in the show? Allow me to speculate.

When she returns (most likely in the Series 7 finale) I look forward to how she works with the new companion and responds to them. I’m also hoping she may have a sit down with either the Doctor or Clara and talk about Amy and Rory’s departure and the dangers of time travel. She’s lost her parents so I think they do need a mention at some point; she can’t just forget them!

‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ revealed River was now a professor, meaning we are in the latter half of her timeline and therefore her time with the Doctor. This means in the future we are soon to see her final farewell to the Doctor. Since their timelines were in the wrong order I was shocked to see River first meet the Doctor in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ and imagined the last time he saw her would be the first time she saw him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m also interested to see any hints of River’s fate in her future appearances. Her talk with Rory in ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ gave a really nice hint.

“…And I think it’s going to kill me.”

That line gave me shivers.

If I had created River’s character, I’d have made it interesting by allowing River to find out about her fate when the Doctor accidentally slipped it out. Of course, many will disagree but I always found that intriguing. It could happen in her future, but it’s extremely unlikely. One scene I always wanted was for Amy and Rory to discover what happens to their daughter, but again that never materialised.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is seeing River’s relationship with the Doctor develop to its highest level. However, that may have already happened. If it has, then I’m looking forward to their relationship moving in the opposite direction. The Doctor could be hurt and saddened to see a River who doesn’t know him as well as he’s used to. I also want to see the Doctor telling her about Donna and giving her the old sonic screwdriver.

Overall, the future of River Song is a very exciting thing to think about, and I can’t wait for her interactions with Clara, memories of Amy and Rory and how she will, one day, unknowingly say goodbye to the 11th Doctor, her Doctor, before she moves on to the Library for her final adventure.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll end with three words. Three words that sum up the one thing I want to see out of anything I can think of…

Jim the Fish!