What The Future Holds For Capaldi’s Doctor

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Guest contributor George Williams looks ahead.


Whenever there’s the announcement of a new man taking up Britain’s most iconic role, the news is generally greeted by fans across the nation with a great deal of trepidation. The media coverage is endless and regardless of whom it ends up being, we tend to embrace the new man with open arms before the end of his first outing. With ‘The Thick of It’ star Peter Capaldi set to give a more mature spin on the character, we can only guess on what adventures are to come. But with merely a little insight, what better time to take a look at we what could possibly facing the 12th incarnation of Britain’s favourite hero.

A Fresh Take

After we all get over the loss of Matt Smith in this year’s Christmas special, there’ll be a brand new man standing with the TARDIS keys in his pocket and going by previous debuts, it will be a thrilling entrance. Since Jenna Coleman confirmed her participation in Series 8 alongside Peter Capaldi, it’ll be interesting to see how she interacts and adjusts to the change; the last time we had a cross-over companion was the transition from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant way back in 2005.

Something that is quite typical of regeneration is the changing of the TARDIS interior. However, since we had a re-design last Christmas, it’s safe for one to argue that the design will remain intact and be another contributing factor that bridges the two incarnations together. One factor, nevertheless, is bound to be altered – coming in the form of the Doctor’s attire. With Capaldi possibly giving a more established take on the character, it’d be a sensible decision to mirror this approach where clothing is concerned. With the 50th anniversary just behind him, maybe the celery might make a reprise? Steven Moffat did give us one clue: he’ll be wearing clothes. Let hope he isn’t trolling us for once…

Clara’s Farewell

name-of-the-doctor-promo-pics-(1)By the end of Series 8, Clara Oswald would’ve secured a firm place in viewer’s hearts and with nearly two series’ behind her, Clara’s departure here seems somewhat inevitable. Since it’s revival in 2005, the Doctor has clocked up eight different companions aiding him in his travels and with the high risk associated with battling Daleks every other day, it seems odd that no one has been carried out of the TARDIS doors in a body bag (yes, with the exception of Rory – but I’m not counting those!) and maybe it’s time to enforce a darker tone upon the show with the arrival of a more mature Doctor. Whatever happens, the complexity of such a unique past is sure to have an impact on her demise and one can rest assured that Moffat will execute it perfectly, won’t he?

New Companions

a-good-man-goes-to-war-promo-pics-(5)For me, Doctor Who has always been about the companions and how each one adapts differently to the very diverse situations they tend to find themselves in. With this being the case, every time a new accomplice passes through those old doors it allows not only them to be immersed in the wonderful world with the Doctor but the viewer also, for a few seconds, gets to fall in love with him once again. So with the coming of Clara’s inevitable departure, we get to be introduced to a brand new companion; someone that forms the strong link between one watching and the events that unfold before them.

A concept that seems to always engage fans is the possibility of an alien companion. It’s never been done before, so maybe a step in that direction may see an interesting path for the show to explore. Another thing that isn’t necessarily new to the show but has proven a rarity over the years are adding multiple occupants within the TARDIS. The dynamics proved to be very prominent when Amy and Rory Williams were aboard the blue box and maybe such a concept might work well again. But bets are on that whoever it is, they’ll be at the very least human.

Story Arcs

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that under Steven Moffat’s reign there’s been a fair share of arcing storylines winding their way through the narrative and instilling complicated and complex issues for the Doctor to address; it’s doubtful that they’ll fizzle out during the Doctor’s 12th incarnation. What’s always exciting when there’s a new man at helm of the TARDIS is that they can take the show anywhere that they want to and send it hurtling in new directions. It seems interesting that Capaldi, being a lot older than most previous incarnations, could see the Doctor becoming more dark and sinister. Following on from Matt’s childish frenzies, would this new approach settle well with viewers?

As we now know that John Hurt is playing another embodiment of the Doctor, it means that Capaldi could, in fact, be number thirteen and following on from classic story narrative, this means that it is the last incarnation for the Doctor. Exploring this concept could prove very interesting indeed and would deal with some of the major continuity issues associated with the subject. With the effect of this story having such a major impact on the show however, one could argue that these issues are too big to span merely a single season and I personally would love to see it playing out through the entirety of the 12th Doctor’s lifespan.

Another story that would engage audiences and could possibly tie into dealing with the Doctor’s final incarnation is the return of the Master. As Moffat said, John Simm is very much still in the part and personally, I feel he is great actor who deserves another shot at playing the dreaded Time Lord. Maybe this could settle the plot for Capaldi’s final battle before handing the TARDIS key’s over to yet another incarnation and allowing this whole process to start again. Whatever happens, when the 13th Doctor is announced, my bets are on a white male.