What Awaits Inside the TARDIS?

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Guest contributor Noah Fischel speculates on what’s in store.

“Bigger on the Inside”
– The Doctor, companions, or anyone that sees inside the TARDIS!

Ever since I started watching Doctor Who, my fascination has been with two things: As evidenced by my last article, the true identity of the Doctor (though I know/hope it won’t be revealed), and with the TARDIS itself. The first glimpse of that machine I had was when I started out watching The Christmas Invasion, Tennant’s first episode, and since then, I’ve never had any stronger of a wish than to see what the inside of the TARDIS looks like. Not just the console room, but everything!!

In reflection

“The Invasion of Time” was the first story to show us, in depth, the deeper insides of the TARDIS. Getting to see corridors and rooms and gardens. It was a Doctor Who fan’s dream (or at least ones that are fans like me). Sadly though, like Moffat explained in an interview, it wasn’t executed very well. Due to the conflict at the BBC at the time, we got a hospital with bin liners on the windows and some greenery taped to the walls. Even though it wasn’t executed well, it did add to the lore of the show and gave us a definitive format to how TARDIS’ are arranged!

Decades later, series six’s “The Doctor’s Wife” did give us an updated look at the inner depths of the TARDIS and brought back a familiar console room, but much to the chagrin of the viewers, only really gave us a look at corridors. So then, what am I (and probably you) looking forward to in “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”?

The Eye of Harmony

The Eye of Harmony will probably be featured. I seriously hope they show it. One of the few times the Eye has been featured was during the 1996 TV movie and I feel it should get more screen time. There could be some changes made to it though. I think the Eye of Harmony that was in the Eight Doctor’s TARDIS was a bit camp. If it was more like the one on Gallifrey, it would be more welcome/appreciated in my book. And especially by older fans that saw “The Deadly Assassin”.

Swimming Pool


This has been mentioned many, MANY times since Smith’s first episode. And has been used even more. Saving River, passing time between adventures, and even jettisoned to make it into the bubble universe. From the trailer, there was a quick glimpse of the pool and it looked magnificent. Perhaps a TARDIS pool party is in order for the end of the episode?


Now this one I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now. During his tenure, Pertwee had a fascination with any vehicle he could find. His cars, helicopters, trucks. There was barely an episode during his time that didn’t feature him driving something cool. Tennant even had a scooter in his TARDIS. Recently, Smith’s Doctor kept an anti-grav motorcycle in the garage, so there’s no telling what other insanely cool things that the Doctor keeps there. I imagine there’s anything from a vast number of mint condition cars from Earth history to hovercars or space boats from a nameless planet in the future. As River says, “The mind races, does it not?”

The Wardrobe

Sure, we’ve seen the wardrobe many times, but it’s a new TARDIS and it’s more than likely updated. Plus, after his farewell tour (which took around 100-200 years), he could have got more clothes collected. Seeing as how he visits multiple times and places, I find it odd that the Doctor doesn’t change into other variations on his favourite ensemble (to be fair, though, I do like his current outfit).

The Engine Room

Never really touched upon in the show, or even truly mentioned, but personally, I’d quite like to see what kind of engines it takes to propel something like the TARDIS through time and space. I think about it a lot in my head actually, and funnily speculate that the massive engines I envision in my head that make the recognizable groaning, wheezing sounds are actually quite small and just kept in a cupboard.

The Secondary Console room


The Secondary Console room was discovered by the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith in “The Mask of Mandragora” and was used in each following serial until “The Invisible Enemy.” I saw one or two classic serials that featured this control room and would love to see the Eleventh Doctor rediscover the secondary console room.

So, those are my thoughts. What do you think? Is there anything you guys want to see or anything you think I missed? Tell me in the comments below.