Wild West Monster Revealed?

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One of the new monsters for Doctor Who Series 7 may have been revealed.

The Doctor will be apparently be facing a “half-human, half-robot Terminator-style beast” in Toby Whithouse’s western-themed third episode.

This monster “patrols a Victorian-era western town,” according to The Sun.

The report also states that shooting is taking place in the southern Spanish town of Almeria on the famous desert lots used in films The Magnificent Seven and A Fistful Of Dollars.


Bosses chose the famous Almeria sets because of the pre-constructed street of western-style houses and saloons.

A BBC spokesman said it was more cost-efficient to film in Spain than recreate the set in the UK, while the weather conditions will also prove sunnier than Cardiff, where Doctor Who is usually shot.

The obligatory “insider” told them: “Matt and Karen are really excited about the episode. Filming on the same set as a lot of western films, together with the Spanish weather, will give it an epic feel.”