Weeping Angels have “developed” in Series 7

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Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have promised that the Weeping Angels will be even more terrifying in Series 7.

Darvill teased: “[In episode 5] They have grown and developed into something more scary…They are really scary!  You look at statues in different ways.”

Gillan added: “Gargoyles are pretty freaky. They were anyway, but now, with this new-found knowledge that they could actually be Weeping Angels just freaks me out.  Sometimes they have actual statues and sometimes they have dancer girls, and it just takes away from it.”

Asked where the couple can go emotionally after everything they’ve been through, Gillan replied: “They really have gone to all of the extremes imaginable. But, they haven’t because they go to more…Their relationship is in a sticky situation, shall we say…And they’re coming to terms, generally, with dealing with an actual life with the Doctor and how that works and how that manifests itself.”

Darvill added: “They want their life at home to be stable and good, but there’s always this pull of this man in a box who has completely changed their lives.”

The pair also spoke about if they would be open to return one day: “When I left, I wanted it to be done. I want people to go and rewatch the final moments and actually feel sad still, but not like, “Oh, they’re coming back, so it’s fine!” So, probably not, but you should never say never.”

Darvill said: “Anything can happen in this show.”