We Are Five

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dalek cake

Dalek Cake!

This week Doctor Who TV celebrates it’s fifth birthday. How time flies!

Inspired by the revival of Doctor Who, a site was set-up shortly after the broadcast of The Doctor Dances in early June 2005. Back then we were a rather simple site running on Yahoo’s now defunct GeoCities, and the site had a different name – Doctor Who 2k.

In October 2005 the new domain name of doctorwhotv.co.uk was registered and we moved away from Geocities. The site relaunched with a brand new look and logo. We continued with minor alterations for the next four years until September of 2009, when we had a complete overhaul in preparation of the end of David Tennnant’s era as the Doctor, and the birth of a new one.

A lot has happened in the ‘Whoniverse’ in these five years. We had two Doctors regenerate, companions come and go, many old foes return, three spin-off series and lots more in-between.

We’d like to thank all our readers who have made this year our biggest ever. Here’s to the next five years!

Some pics of the site over the past five years…