Ultimate Doctor Who Monster: The Winner

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For the past month you have been voting for the ultimate Doctor Who monster. The tournament is now over and the winner can now be revealed.

And your number one monster is…

The Weeping Angels

Yes, many would say an obvious one from the start, however the final face-off was actually very, very close all the way until the end. The scary statues were only just ahead of the Master with 52.94% of the votes.

The percentage that each monster received in the tournament can be seen in the image below. Each poll averaged around 3000 votes.

And these are the 8 Monsters that didn’t make it through from round 5 (in descending order, with percentage of vote)

  • Dream Lord 3%
  • The Midnight Entity 3%
  • The Flood 2%
  • The Ood 2%
  • Sontarans 1%
  • The Beast 1%
  • Kovarian  1%
  • Silurians 1%