Trenzalore – What happened next?

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Guest contributor Greg House offers a theory.

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We all hear complaints of the Moffat era, claims from a certain portion of fans that stories are not being completed. Personally I’ve always liked to use imagination to fill in the blanks, but I understand some people not wanting that and finding it confusing, so to those I thought I would offer a theory on what happened to Trenzalore when the Doctor left with Clara to regenerate…

The crack – It wasn’t 100% clear but it looks as though the crack has vanished from Trenzalore, whether we’ll see it again or not, is unknown, but I don’t think it plays another part in the story of Trenzalore. With the crack gone, so too is the never-ending question and then also the Daleks and enemies. The attraction of Trenzalore is gone.

But now the survivors of the battle are left in the ruins of the town of Christmas, the planet devastated by battle. I like to think that the Church of the Mainframe took this chance to evacuate the planet and get the survivors to safety. Left now with just the ruins of this planet the Church of the Mainframe begins its tributes to the dead, grave markers for the fallen, the innocent and the warriors, finally, a tribute to the man who gave it all to keep the peace in the universe. The Doctor. For him, the Mainframe constructs a giant TARDIS to honour the Doctor, basing it on the current design as seen by Tasha Lem. Before long there’s a giant TARDIS monument, which can be entered by people wishing to pay tribute to the man who saved them all.


This next part uses wibbly wobbly science I’ve taken from years of Big Finish audios and comics. To document the Doctor’s heroic acts, survivors of the battle “donate” memories in the central TARDIS console room, so that others can experience the memory of how the Doctor saved them, before long this becomes a kind of universal tourist attraction, memories being donated from battles from centuries before, other adventures, other Doctors. The energy from this finally becoming so condensed that it splits a hole in the fabric of reality, opening up a window not just to the memory of these events, but also to the actual special event. Realising what a danger this could be to the Doctor and the universe, the Papal Mainframe go about sealing the console room, to protect the Doctor and his time line from damage. Eventually the only sun orbiting the planet dies, and this section of the universe is left to die, the Doctor’s “tomb” being a secret hidden away. Hundreds of years after it is abandoned, the Eleventh Doctor and Clara arrive…

This explains the events of “The Name of the Doctor” with just a few little tweaks, a tear in the fabric of space-time could be enough to put the TARDIS of wanting to land, or even being able to land anywhere near Trenzalore. It could also account for the events and memories Clara remembered when climbing through the wreckage of the TARDIS. Now we just need to explain the “River Song” grave and secret entrance, for this I can only assume either the 12th Doctor or Tasha Lem had something to do with this, knowing how Clara needed to enter the Doctor’s time stream and this being vital to the wellbeing of the universe.

With this, hopefully reasonable explanation I hope to have provided you with a possibility to the events of “The Name of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor” running in unison. Please leave comments and theories below, I love reading alternate theories!

Oh, by the way, yes, my name really is Greg House!