Tracking The Silence

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The beginning of two-part Series Five finale is now just over a day away. After months of speculation the truth behind this year’s story arc will finally unravel. With that in mind let’s have one last look back over the past episodes to gather the main clues and refresh our memories on everything that has passed.

The Eleventh Hour

A crack in the universe opens on young Amelia Pond’s bedroom wall. After investigating The Doctor concludes they are “two parts of space and time that should never have touched”.

Rory’s badge says his hospital pass was issued 30th November 1990.

Prisoner Zero tells the Doctor the Pandorica will open and ’silence will fall’

Prisoner Zero: “The cracks in the skin of the universe – don’t you know where they came from? You don’t, do you? The Doctor and the TARDIS doesn’t know. The universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall.”

A crack appears on the TARDIS console screen.

Young Amelia hears the TARDIS whilst she is waiting for the Doctor to return.

The Beast Below

Another crack appears on the side of the Starship UK.

Victory of the Daleks

Amy has forgotten the Daleks even though she should have remembered them invading earth in her past.

“There’s something else. Something we’ve forgotten, or rather you have. You didn’t know them Amy. You’ve never seen them before and you should have done. You should…”

As the TARDIS de-materialises a crack appears behind in Churchill’s Cabinet War Room

Flesh and Stone

Another crack appears on the wall on the Byzantium ship. The Doctor believes it will erase everything it touches so that it never existed in the first place.

River: “How can a crack in the wall be the end of the universe?”
Doctor: “Dunno, but here’s what I think. One day there’s going to be a very big bang. So big every moment in history, past and future, will crack.”

The Doctor tells Amy she needs to remember what he told her when she was seven. This Doctor has a tweed jacket on and could be from the future.

The Doctor: “Remember what I told you when you were seven?”
Amy: “What did you tell me?”
Doctor: “No. That’s not the point…You have to remember…”

River Song says she killed “a good man…the best i’ve ever known” and was in prison for the murder.

The Doctor dismisses Pandorica as a fairy tale

Doctor: “Pandorica hah. That’s a fairy tale.”
River: “Aren’t we all?

The date of Amy’s wedding, 26th June 2010, is revealed to be the same date of an explosion that caused the crack.

The Vampires of Venice

Rosanna tells the Doctor that her race fled from the “silence” and that her planet, Saturnyne, was destroyed by the cracks in the universe.

Rosanna: “There were cracks. Some were tiny, some were as big as the sky. Through some we saw worlds and people. And through others we saw silence…and the end of all things. We fled to an ocean like ours and the crack snap shut behind us. Saturnyne was lost.”

The Doctor leaves Venice as silence falls.

Cold Blood

A crack appears in the Silurian caves. The Doctor reaches in and finds a broken, charred piece of the TARDIS.

Rory is consumed by the crack and believed to have been erased from history. Amy forgets him and the Doctor is the only one who remembers.

Despite Rory being erased, Amy’s engagement ring still exists on the TARDIS. The Doctor takes and hides it.

The Lodger

As the Doctor leaves another crack is seen on the wall in Craig’s flat.

Amy discovers the engagement ring. Is she remembering? The crack widens…