Tovey & Gorman Rule out 12th Doctor

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Russell Tovey has admitted he would be very interested in taking over from Matt Smith, but doesn’t think he’ll get the role.

Tovey, of course, has a history with Doctor Who having previously played Alonso Frame in Voyage of the Damned and The End of Time. He even screen-tested for the role of the Eleventh Doctor after Russell T Davies suggested him.

Tovey recently told the UKPA: “It would be an incredible job to do, but don’t bet on me as the Doctor this time round.”

He added: “It was incredible to be part of it as Alonso; part of that family, and especially in David Tennant’s reign.”

burn-gorman-owen-harper-torchwoodMeanwhile, another actor with ties to the show, Burn Gorman aka Torchwood’s Owen Harper, also ruled himself after being another of the many rumoured names.

“I’m afraid the Doctor Who door is probably closed because of me being in Torchwood, ” he said.

“I’m really excited to see who it will be, let’s hope they go with someone different but I’m sure whoever they choose will be amazing.”