Torchwood: Miracle Day “Shocking”

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Russell T Davies has explained why the fourth series of Torchwood, subtitled Miracle Day, will keep the one story format of Children of Earth rather than standalone episodes like we had in the first two series.

“What we got rid of in the first two years of Torchwood is the format of monster of the week,” he said at the Television Critics Association.  “It was a great format. Lots of shows do that absolutely brilliantly. In Britain, it was always slightly in Doctor Who’s shadow as a result.

“When we got the chance to do Children of Earth, it became what it is now, which is simply one continuous story with a beginning, middle, and end. This new series is 10 episodes long. But you won’t be still finding out the resolution to the story in five years’ time because that literally bi-eps of 10. It is 10 episodes. Bi-eps of 10, there is a massive, shattering climax to the whole thing. You’ll find out who lives, who dies, what it all happens, whether they can stop it or not, and that’s the end. So it’s got that sort of shape to it now.”

Davies also promised Miracle Day will have plenty of shocks in store: “[With] Children of Earth, [Torchwood] found its legs, and it feels like we’ve stood up tall now. And I can’t wait for you to see it. It’s a really rigorous premise. There’s some shocking episodes to come, and I mean shocking in terms of some shocking visuals, but really some shocking things about people. That’s what we are doing, what we are capable of, and the depth which will sink sometimes. So that feels really great. It feels exciting. It feels new.”

So what do you prefer – one continuous story like in Children of Earth or standalone episodes?