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Torchwood: Miracle Day Ep 9 Teasers

Here are spoiler-lite teasers for The Gathering, the ninth episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Update: 14 from Clint:

  • More than two months have passed between “End of the Road” and “The Gathering.”
  • Well, that’s certainly an interesting pizza topping.
  • When we first see Jack and Esther, they are in bed together – – and Jack is shirtless!
  • Esther’s a vampire.
  • Cocky, arrogant Rex is back.
  • First Jack, then Gwen.  Now, Jilly has an alias.
  • Speaking of names, the fact that Gwen is still “Cooper” and not “Williams” is addressed.
  • “It’s mice, not rats.”
  • Wow, Gwen is remaining unusually calm as [spoiler] holds her daughter.  Oh . . . never mind!
  •  Someone gets the Silent treatment, thank to Retcon.
  •  Never let Rhys get you a beer.
  • Need to find a Category 1?  There’s an app for that.
  • Jilly Kitzinger is right.
  •  Maybe Jack’s blood is important after all.

10 more:

  • This is not the promotion I expected.”
  • Rex places his faith in fiction, rather than fact.
  • “I’m rather jealous. They’re ****** you to the ********.”
  • Yet another character gets a heavy dose of ret-con.
  • “We have to find and interview 6 million people.”
  • Jack does a (slightly dodgy) English accent.
  • “Your hair is a work of art.”
  • Rhys makes a vital discovery and may have unlocked a huge secret.
  • “Aw man, don’t start with that hugging s**t.”
  • By episode’s end, the true nature of the Blessing has finally been revealed.



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