Torchwood: Miracle Day Ep 7 Teasers

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Here are spoiler-lite teasers Immortal Sins, the seventh episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Update: 22 more from Clint:

  • Again, someone is missing from both the opening credits and the episode.
  • However, Dr. Juarez makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo.
  • Also AWOL for the second week in a row: Jilly Kitzinger (which, by default, means she’ll be in every episode through the finale, since Lauren Ambrose signed on for seven episodes).
  • My home State of Texas gets another shout-out.  Go Spurs!  (FYI, the San Antonio Spurs are a basketball team.)
  • Also FYI, the U.S. celebrates it Independence Day on the Fourth of July, often with fireworks.
  • Oh my God, she tasered him!
  • There are multiple man-on-man sex scenes involving intense sexual dialogue.  If you are one of the many underage kids who have posted comments saying that you’ve been watching Miracle Day with your parents: consider watching this episode alone.
  • Despite teaser #1, Danes still makes a statement.
  • There are triplets, a naked circus, and a sapphic leapfrog jamboree.
  • “It’s the blood of Christ, Angelo. I’m sure it’s good enough.”  (A drop of Gwen’s blood is another matter.)
  • And a companion!  (Yes, really – but it’s still not what you think.)
  • “Jack’s wrist device has another fantastic use, though there’s one thing it definitely can’t do.”  That teaser is wrong – – we see TWO new uses for the vortex manipulator IN ADDITION TO the one thing “it definitely can’t do.”
  • Finally, aliens make an appearance.
  • “Run!” (as in, “Seriously, there’s an outrageous amount of running involved.”)
  • Jack does the thing that Nine didn’t do for him.  It’s a bittersweet coda to the end of “The Parting of the Ways.”
  • To say that Angelo is rough in bed is an understatement.  (Bonus teaser: Handcuffs are involved!)
  • We learn the history behind that (annoying) ever-present triangle symbol.
  • “Fixed point in time”!
  • Though she is not mentioned, Jack does something for which River Song is famous.  (Bonus teaser: It’s something she’s done twice.)
  • Though he is not mentioned, Angelo does something for which Adam Mitchell is famous.
  • Sergeant Andy is a badass!

From Digital Spy:

  • “Look at me – do I look like a bureaucrat?”
  • Jack’s wrist device has another fantastic use, though there’s one thing it definitely can’t do.
  • “Don’t worry, it gets better… and then it gets worse again.”
  • We get a mention (for the first time this season) of a certain Time Lord hero.
  • “I’d move in close, so I can ***** her and she can ***** me.”
  • Jack’s been around for a long while, and his memory for names is not the greatest.
  • “Alright, stop your nagging!”
  • One character mistakes fireworks for explosions.
  • “Forgive me father for I have sinned… so many times… and that’s just today!”
  • Jack is a fan of marriage, though he’s not above misbehaving in church.