Torchwood: Miracle Day Ep 6 Teasers

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Here are spoiler-lite teasers The Middle Men, the sixth episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Updated: 15 from Clint:

  • 1.  You do not want to join the “45 Club.”
  • 2.  We can add China to the list of places that Miracle Day visits.
  • 3.  Someone is missing from the opening credits . . . and the episode.
  • 4.  Just so you understand the reference:  America’s Most Wanted is similar to the UK show, Crimewatch.
  • 5.  Esther was “useless.”  Janet is “limited.”
  • 6.  Jack does something to a maître d’ that he did to Algy waaaaay back, when we first met Jack.  (What?  I mention Ian, Barbara, and Freda in last week’s review, and a reference from “The Empty Child” surprises you?)
  • 7.  I was wrong in my review of the fourth episode – apparently fabulous, mahogany, knee-high boots with a 5-inch heel ARE ideal for a physically-active Torchwood agent!
  • 8.  “This has GOT to STOP.”
  • 9.  And I’m not just saying this because I live in Texas – but thank God for that Hispanic cleaning woman.
  • 10.  At 44:28 in, I was literally screaming, “Go! GO!” at my TV.
  • 11.  Rhys is, again, an amazing kisser . . .
  • 12.  . . . and, apparently, one heck of a driver!
  • 13.  Gwen doesn’t like it doggy-style.  (BTW – favorite Gwen moment EVER.)
  • 14.  At no point are all of the Torchwood team members together.
  • 15.  Well, at least they don’t have her father . . . right?

I haven’t given away a Torchwood: Miracle Day squeeze ball in a while.  I’ll send one to the first two people who can tell me what action I am referring to in teaser #6.  E-mail me your answer, along with your name, postal address (including country!), and the Disqus screen name under which you post (if applicable) [email protected]

10 more below from Digital Spy:
  • Never question a miracle – you may not like what you find.”
  • Captain Jack takes another trip to an LA bar (though it’s strictly business this time).
  • “Suicide is impossible now, but people are becoming inventive.”
  • Creepy Colin Maloney (Mark Vann) has a rather unique view of the legal system.
  • “I’m not with the CIA, or any US government authority – I’m with Torchwood!”
  • We meet the head of PhiCorp, Stuart Owens – played by Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson – and he’s not what you might expect.
  • “That’s when I came face to face with the true face of evil.”
  • Two characters face off and it’s a real nasty fight scene.
  • “You can so do me tonight – ouch!”
  • There’s another shock conclusion, with a twist that could tear the Torchwood team apart.