Torchwood: Miracle Day Ep 4 Teasers

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Here are 10 spoiler-lite teasers for Escape to LA, the fourth episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, courtesy of Digital Spy.

  • Esther betrays someone close to her.
  • “The pathway to Torchwood is open and clear.”
  • Rhys is back, and he’s taking on a mission for Gwen.
  • “Do you know what they used to call that in the old days? A ****** ****.”
  • Piers Morgan gets a mention.
  • “Man, am I sick of your ugly faces?!”
  • Rex takes a trip to visit a relative, who isn’t exactly pleased to see him.
  • “I hear rumours of miracles *** to ****.”
  • Two members of the Torchwood team undergo a rather unpleasant interrogation.
  • Oswald’s flagging media career receives a helpful kick-start.

Update: Here’s 10 more from Clint.

  • 1.  At the risk of sounding even gayer than normal, I have to say that Esther is wearing some fabulous boots in the opening scene
  • 2.  “Dead is dead”?  No, this episode feels more like, “Dull is dull.”
  • 3.  The plan is to make everyone around Jack gay
  • 4.  What’s even better than shirtless Rory? RHYS IN HIS UNDERWEAR!
  • 5.  He checking to see if there’s piss in his water – that’s what he’s doing
  • 6. For those of you wondering:  no, there is no such drug as Metanec.
  • 7.  Oswald and Esther have one thing in common:  family members that are *** **** *****.
  • 8.  “Jack has a ‘John Smith’ alias of his very own.”  Remember that teaser from week 1?  The same teaser applies, but for a different reason.  (And, yes, I dropped my jaw at my own apparent psychic-ness.)
  • 9.  Esther, Rex, Gwen, Rhys – everyone gets distracted by family.
  • 10.  Rhys is too late.  (And sadly, is again wearing pants.)
The first person to decode the asterisks on teaser #7 gets a Torchwood: Miracle Day squeeze ball.  E-mail me your answer and complete postal address (including country) at [email protected]