Torchwood: Miracle Day Ep 3 Teasers

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Here are spoiler-lite teasers for Dead of Night, the third episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day

Update: Clint is back with 15 more:

  • 1. Right off the bat, Jack, Gwen, Rex, and Esther are acting as a proper Torchwood team.
  • 2. Sergeant Andy does not appear, but he does play a pivotal role.
  • 3. Despite still squatting in Karzan Sardick’s living room, Jack is rich, and there is a perfectly logical reason as to why.
  • 4. My gripes about the tone and characterization in last week‘s episode? Totally fixed. This episode crackles.
  • 5. Anthony Weiner and Rex have something in common.
  • 6. For the third episode in a row, aliens are mentioned as the cause of the “miracle.”
  • 7. You see a whole new side of Dr. Juarez, and that “side” is “back.”
  • 8. Apparently, Jack wears two things while, um, “in bed.”
  • 9. IANTO!
  • 10. The Jack-Gwen-Rhys triangle? It is broken. Gwen makes a choice, and it is heartbreaking. (A hint that may or may not be completely misleading: Gwen states that she’s seen too much of Rhys.)
  • 11. At the risk of sounding even gayer than nomal, I have to admit that Dr. Juarez’ hair looks amazing in this episode.
  • 12. Though she does not make an appearance, it could be said that Lois Habiba’s eyes are still on Torchwood.
  • 13. Hey, there’s a PhiCorp location near me here in Dallas!
  • 14. This episode really delves into the ramifications of Children of Earth.
  • 15. The edited sex scene? I can tell you exactly what will be cut, but, seriously, you’ll lose maybe one second of footage. No worries.

And 10 more courtesy of Digital Spy.

  • The new Torchwood team is firmly established early on in the episode.
  • “I survived, I can say what I want!”
  • Gwen has a few problems adjusting to US culture.
  • “That account’s been gathering interest since 1906!”
  • There’s a (subtle) Doctor Who reference this week.
  • “It’s ***** in the UK and **** in the US!”
  • Jack decides to take a break for some… mortal activities.
  • “It’s the perfect **** for the *** ***** *****.”
  • Vera Juarez gets a surprise visitor at home.
  • Not everyone has become a fan of Oswald Danes overnight.

It airs Friday at 10pm on Starz, and next Thursday 28th July at 9pm on BBC1.